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We can learn many lessons from football if we just pondered. Players travel across the country, Europe and World to face different teams and tactics all as part of the test to see who really is the champion (Machester United).  For the whole season they struggle, practise and improve themselves to succeed and win trophies. Likewise we are facing many tests struggling with patience at work, school and at home, but if we succeed our trophy is Heavan. What better, long lasting reward can one ask for than this.  Ponder on it.


Footballers - some call them modern day slaves to others theybare over icons. But what makes them good role models? Lets look at their behaviour and you judge if they are the best role model - 1.Frank had two kids and then wants to get married.  2. Ledley King goes clubbing every night, punches the doorman and says what do you earn, I get 80000.00 a week.  3. Rooney goes to places whilst he has a girlfriend.  4. Ronaldo drives his car at 120 mph and waslucky to be alive whilst his ferrari is smashed to pieces.  Yes they are good footballers on and off the pitch isn't of a role models.  We have given the Prophet saww and Imams as a teachers, role models and icons to follow and succeed in this world and the next.  Which icon will YOU choose?





Wininnig dosen't mean always being first, winning means you are doing better than you have done before.











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