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Iran scientists make artificial liver
Tue, 03 Feb 2009 19:23:32 GMT
Iranian researchers have developed an artificial liver to help improve the quality of life in patients suffering from liver failure.

"The device developed using tissue engineering technology is a simulation of normal liver which can help detoxify the blood and excrete unnecessary compounds," said research-team leader Jalaoldin Ghanavi.

He added that the newly developed artificial liver is capable of performing all the activities of a normal liver, making the device a temporary substitute in those suffering from liver failure.

Ghanavi explained that the patient's arterial blood enters the device via a tube; blood cells are then separated from the plasma and sent back into circulation.

The plasma, on the other hand, is guided into a glass globe, where toxins are separated using the nanostructures located in the artificial liver cells. With the capacity to attach about 10 million liver cells to one another, the glass globe works as a membrane and aims to increase the efficacy of cells.

Developed using nano-matrix, these cells are capable of proliferation and regeneration. They are also believed to perform metabolic activities such as producing protein and absorbing fatty cells and carbohydrates like natural liver cells.

Ghanavi concluded that the device helps detoxify blood based on the patients status and his/her blood type.

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