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Amir Lakha


Dr Amir Lakha was born in Mombasa, Kenya in 1949 and hails from the renowned family of Late Haji Gulamhusein Nasser Lakha who was the founding member of Africa Federation and the first Hon Secretary for 9 years at inception. He is a medical practitioner in London in the field of General Practice (GP) and has a Masters Degree in pain management. He is married to Nasim, daughter of Marhum Nazerali Merali Dewji, with 3 children – Mohamed, Fatema and Riyaz and 3 grandchildren -  Sakina, Zainab and Suhail. Dr Lakha has always had an interest in community affairs and activities since his youth. He was a very active and successful participant in the field of elocution, debating and drama and an avid reader. After qualifying as a doctor he worked in poor areas of Kenya and then went into private general practice. He had barely started practicing when he was approached by the President of World Federation Marhum Alhaj Mulla Asgharali M M Jaffer to go and negotiate with the Saudi Government to establish the first WF project of Hajj Medical Mission. Dr Lakha after returning from the trip went to serve the Hujjaj on the first ever mission and from then on the  World Federation started becoming a household name worldwide.

He then migrated to England to practice Medicine and also follow postgraduate studies in 1979. He was instrumental in the formation of the Medical Advisory Board of the World Federation of which he remained an active member for several years. Thereafter, in 1983 he was instrumental in the formation of the Matrimonial Advisory Board of the World Federation of which he was the chairman. During his tenure of office as chairman he co-authored a book on marriage, “Marriage – a step towards fulfillment in Life” with Marhum Mulla Asgharali M M Jaffer and published by the World Federation. This book is used by all bridegrooms and brides before the wedding.

In 1993 my second Book, “Heads – you win  Tails –you win” was published with great publicity on Radio, TV and Newspapers and the Book has been read worldwide by people from all walks of life and has received tremendous acclaim and publicity.

He became President of the KSIMC Jamaat of London, Stanmore in 1992 and for 2 further terms in 1998 and during his terms of office he was able, with his team of sincere workers, to achieve a tremendous lot for the community. To demonstrate to you the style of leadership that he followed for the benefit of the community and ultimately for the pleasure of Allah (swt) a list of the achievements is mentioned below.

In 1997, I became the Chairman of JIBA EUROPE, the commerce arm of the community, and during my tenure of office organized a World Trade Fair Exhibition at Earls Court Olympia in Central London and invited business firms from all over the world, Ambassadors, MPs, Mayors and members of the community and members of the public to visit the Exhibition and also take up Exhibition spaces. A lot of our community members participated and we arranged so that even very small traders could participate by subsidising the cost of renting the space and fittings to a mere £100. JIBA EUROPE simultaneously also hosted the JIBA INTERNATIONAL Conference.

In 1998, I was awarded the highly valued Husaini Medal by the KSIMC of London Stanmore for meritorious services to the community.

In addition to my busy medical practice, my family life and my community activities, I have a vast circle of friends and acquaintances that I have built up through participation in various organizations and institutions.

In 1999, I was appointed as the Professional Executive member for the NHS Primary Care Group in England to chart the direction of the medical services in the NHS and attended and lectured at several local and overseas Conferences.

In 2000, as President of KSIMC of London, I was instrumental in purchasing a property, Ruislip Manor Sports and Leisure Centre at an auction for £415,000, the value of which has shot up many folds into millions and there is a regular income of £35,000 to KSIMC of London. The total cost of £415,000 has been fully paid up including the initial Bank borrowing. It is a 12 acre Freehold site which has been leased to a Club but our children and grandchildren will enjoy the benefits, inshallah.

In the years 2001 to 2008, my medical practice became very busy and expanded and also I studied part-time at the University of Edinburgh and passed the Masters Degree in Pain Management with excellent results. During that time my involvement in community activities was minimal because of the extreme pressures on my time. However, I have decided to retire from full time medical practice, now, to devote the remaining years of my life to doing charitable work and I am hoping to be elected as the next President of World Federation so that the community can benefit from my work and I can gain the pleasure of Allah (swt)

He was able, as President, with his team of sincere workers to achieve the following for the Stanmore Hujjat Jamaat, London.

  1. Secured the registration of the Stanmore Husaini Islamic Centre as a centre for Religious worship in the official Register of the British Government.
  2. Secured the registration of the Husaini Islamic Centre as an official centre for the solemnization and registration of marriages according to the Civic Law and Government Statutory Regulations.
  3. Established a well organized Burial Fund Scheme to facilitate burials at the lowest cost with no hardship on the bereaved or the poor in the community. This entailed the assignment of burial grounds nearer to the centre, the Watford Cemetery, the purchase of a customized hearse and a well organized system to run the scheme.
  4. Established the true extent of the debts due to the purchase of the Husaini Islamic Centre by identifying debts of the Contractors unpaid, the unpaid loans given by momineen, the debts with the Bank, the amounts received, arranging for the payments of the debts and liquidating all the debts including to the Contractors and the Bank and publishing the Project Accounts for the first time.
  5. Securing the Title Deeds from the Bank, after getting the charge removed, and depositing the same with the Jamaat’s Solicitors.
  6. Finalising the requirements of the Council and successfully concluding the outstanding Application and Agreement relating to the Planning Permission for the Husaini Islamic Centre.
  7. Organising the Opening Ceremony for the Husaini Islamic Centre on an international scale involving the participation of not only the U.K Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheris but outsiders from the community.
  8. Established the Stanmore Senior Citizen’s Group at the centre in 1989 which has flourished and is a very active institution now.
  9. Secured the purchase of a new Mini Bus from HELP THE AGED and organizing a presentation ceremony with the Mayor of Harrow, the M.P and other dignitaries from the Council and other charitable and service organizations.
  10. Inviting Lady Diana, HRH Princess of Wales, the M.P, the Mayor and other dignitaries to meet the members of our Senior Citizens Association at Stanmore and also go round the Nursery School and view the Centre.
  11. Organising the first Husain Day and inviting the Mayors from Harrow and Brent and Ambassadors and High Commissioners and dignitaries from various religious denominations.
  12. Established a full fledged Medical Room, fully equipped with the most modern equipment, instruments and diagnostic machines and Defibrillator, ECG Machine, Nebulisers and emergency treatment facilities at our Centre.
  13. Established a Reference Library and Reading Room
  14. Established the first Beaver Scout Group and after consultation with the Authorities securing the registration of the Husaini Islamic Centre as a branch.
  15. Secured the reduction of the Council Rates bill for the Centre by application on appropriate grounds.
  16. Established the piped water supply from the water well in the grounds of the centre, thus cutting down the cost of water supply for the centre.
  17. Established the Video and Audio Cassettes Sales Department availing the facility for the Momineen to get copies of majalis, duas, Koran and other useful talks and simultaneously generating an income for the Jamaat.
  18. Purchased a School Bus for the Nursery School Children.
  19. Established a beautiful landscaping environment in the centre
  20. Established a system to purchase the food materials, cutlery, crockery and other consumables in bulk purchase format – thus reducing costs.
  21. Established a machinery of costings for each item of supply to the members including meals for niyaz, Certificates, announcements, Hall hire etc
  22. Established newly formatted Application Forms for Registration of Births, Engagements, Weddings and Deaths, system of Invoices, Receipts, and Accounts system.
  23. Established a machinery to obtain Gift Aid Forms and Covenant Forms and also a systematic collection of dues from the Inland Revenue Tax office as refunds.
  24. Started a circumcision clinic for the male infants of the community.
  25. Organised a regular Medical Screening Clinic during every Moharram both for Ladies and Gents and also Dental checks, Eye checks and Cervical Smears and Breast Screening for the ladies.
  26. A detailed list of the defects and damage to the main buildings of the centre was established by employing a Surveyor. Repairs and renovation work was then carried out.
  27. Relations with the London South Jamaat(Hyderi) which were strained in the past were made to become cordial and friendly with co-operation on different levels particularly joint Ladies Hussein Day, joint management and financial responsibility for the maintenance of Brookwood Cemetery and other activities.
  28. Cordial and friendly relations were established with the World Federation and the Council of European Jamaats.
  29. Cordial and friendly relations were established with the voluntary organizations in the Borough of Harrow, the Civic leaders, the Asian Community groups and leaders including Hindu, Ismaili and Punjabi and also Iranian Embassy and Christians.
  30. The outstanding amounts, from previous years, in the region of £43,700 for widows, orphans, poor, fitra, zakaat and also amounts due to be paid to other Jamaats and organizations, were fully paid up and settled.
  31. The Membership List was finally established and updated and the position regarding outstanding subscriptions, fully paid members and Life Members was decided. Membership subscriptions were raised and adjusted for the Senior Citizens and Students appropriately.
  32. Registration with the Registrar of Data Protection was obtained for Data on our computers.
  33. A thorough overhaul of the Car Parking system was undertaken and charges were levied for the first time for Parking at the Centre, thus generating a handsome income for the Jamaat
  34. With a new system the deficit in the Nyaz Fund was converted to a surplus of funds
  35. Extensive Renovation, structural repairs, partitioning, replacement of windows and doors with double glazing and central heating system renewal was done
  36. The Alim Flat was renovated and refurbished.
  37. Facilities for Computer classes, Sewing classes, Madressa photocopying room and meeting room were established and renovated.
  38. A system of Shurra (Consultative Council) meetings was started enabling the members to offer to the Executive Committee members suggestions, recommendations, criticisms and discussions at special seatings.
  39. Jamaats in the UK who wanted to publicise their Projects or get donations were offered the platform to speak wholeheartedly.
  40. Items like Computers, Fax Machine, Industrial Carpet Cleaner, Vegetable preparation machine and carpet shampooing machine were purchased
  41. Literary Section and Sports Section of the Ithnaasheri Union were given greater support and encouragement for their activities.
  42. A Newsletter was started on a regular basis giving out details of the activities at the Centre and the details of the work of the managing committee.
  43. A system was established in the matter of moon sighting
  44. The outstanding sum of £30,000 being 3 years’ levy to the World Federation was paid.
  45. Constitutional Amendments meeting was organized and the infrastructure of the Jamaat made for solid
  46. Merits of the Contracts system for the cleaning of the centre, inside and outside, were discussed and different approaches considered.
  47. A system of discussing every new application for membership of KSIMC of London, at the Executive Meetings, was established.
  48. 16 Ladies of our community went for training in FIRST AID at the Red Cross Centre
  49. A job Club was formed for the benefit of the unemployed in our community.
  50. A memorial lecture “Life and works of Haji Gulamali Haji Ismail (HAJI NAJI) was held and this was expected to be an annual event depicting different personalities.
  51. An Islamic Exhibition was organized – “Seek Knowledge from the Cradle to the Grave” in December 1992
  52. Ladies Cookery Classes were started
  53. Teaching Aids for Religious Classes for Children were made available
  54. A Zarri Enclosure was installed in the Ladies Baitu Sallah
  55. Strict regulations for punctual Burial Timings were implemented
  56. Job Descriptions were drawn up for the staff of the KSIMC of London
  57. Contracts with various service firms were drawn up – Fire Extinguishers, Lifts Security Alarms system and Landscaping
  58. The meetings of the Executive Committee were always stopped at Namaaz times.
  59. Nyaz was cooked at the Centre to cut down the costs and possible wastage
  60. A standing order mandate system was established realizing £5,000.
  61. VAT payments made for the Centre Project were re-examined
  62. A contract was signed with Rugby Club for 3 years fixing the rental charges for Parking
  63. Forms for monitoring the work of the sub committees and the budgets for their activities were designed
  64. The Nursery School machinery was re-examined and improvements suggested
  65. A suggestion Box was left at the Centre entrance
  66. Arrangements were made with the British High Commission of Pakistan  for the Visas of Molvi and Mulyanis
  67. A proper system of drawing up Moharram and Ramadhan Programme Timetable was established. The need to involve the Ladies Committee, the Ithnaasheri Union, the teachers and members of the community is necessary for a successful outcome.
  68. The Jamaat Directory was published after 14 years.
  69. Strict controls were put in motion to save on electricity, water and gas.
  70. A system whereby each outgoing committee should ensure that there is a proper hand over – the President gives a written report to the new President, the Secretary to the new Secretary, the Treasurer to the new Treasurer. This ensures that all the information is passed on to prevent duplication and wastage and more efficiency is achieved. During the hand over the outgoing committee also passes on recommendations to the incoming committee.
  71. The whole Centre had repair works undertaken, painted all round – outside and inside – and new carpets laid.
  72. For any major jobs at least 3 tenders have to be obtained and this system was followed to ensure value for money.

The reason I have gone into such great details of the achievements during my tenure of office as President of the KSIMC of London, Stanmore is to demonstrate to you the style of leadership I have followed for the benefit of the community and ultimately for the pleasure of Allah (swt) and insha-Allah I will try to do even better as President of the World Federation.


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