If ever you feel under great pressure at work, or the credit crunch is affecting you badly or courseworks and exams are too difficult, remember SURA 6 Verse 152 wher ALLAH swt says:-  "We do not impose on any soul a duty except to the extent of its ability".  So if you find life challenges are too difficult , remember ALLAH swt has given you THE ABILITY TO OVERCOME.  Dont give up, dont give in and stay strong.  You have the attributes to succeed.


When you get ill do not get nervous about it and try as much as possible  to be hopefull.  ( Imam Ali a.s)


2 Superb thoughts: 1) Pray as if everything depends on GOD and work as if everything depends on you. 2) To handle yourself use your HEAD and to handle others use your HEART... Ponder on it.


The person who loves for the sake of of GOD and detest and despises for sake of GOD and gives for the sake of GOD is among those whose faith has achieved completion. 

(Imam Baqir a.s)


Before you go on difficult journey (like today for city staff) It is recomended to recite Allah's beautifull name "YA MUQEETU" (The sustainer, The Guardian, The one has the Power) on water 7 times and drink that water and then put your trust in ALLAH swt and Insha Allah  you will be safe.  Also before any journey you take it is recomended to dua al-safar which sura 43 verse 13-14 : SUBHANAL-LAZZI SAHARA LANA HAZA WAMA QUNNA LAHO MUQRENEEN WA INNA ILLA RABINA LAHUM QALIBUN (Glory be to ALLAH swt Who made this i.e train, car, bus) subservent to us and we were not able to do it.  Surely to our Lord we must return).


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