Khaki spent two weekshanging drywall in some new homes with an interfaith group he started few years ago. Many people joined in some kind of interfaith effort. They learned about Islam at a church event or ate dinner at a mosque during Ramadan. Some gatherings were sporadic or one-time events. But not Khaki's group. Comprising Muslims, Jews and Christians, his group of about 14 congregations has come together the last two summers to build homes with Habitat for Humanity. Khaki started the group after Sept. 11 to help people bridge spiritual differences. He found that it was one thing to sit at a forum and discuss faith. It was an entirely different matter to swing a hammer next to someone for a community project.



My travels:

Occasion Where When
Hajj Medina, Mecca, Arafat, Muzdalifa, Mina November/December 2008
Medina, Mecca, Arafat, Muzdalifa, Mina December 2007
With the pilgrims at Mount Arafat December 18, 2007
Medina, Mecca, Arafat, Muzdalifa, Mina December 2006





Lindi, Tanzania March 2008
  Songea, Tanzania July 2000




Kutch, India August 2000



Mohamed Jawad Khaki is the President and a founding Director of IMAN (Ithna‐asheri Muslim Association of the Northwest).  Jawad, a native of Tanzania, has been an active community worker since the age of 13 serving in different volunteering capacities in community organizations in Tanzania, Pakistan, United Kingdom, and now in the Greater Seattle area with IMAN.

As corporate vice president at Microsoft Corp., Jawad has managed groups of engineers and business leaders dedicated to delivering integrated communication and device technologies for the Microsoft Windows platforms. Since the start of his career at Microsoft in 1989, Khaki focused his passion on always‐available networks for Windows‐based devices that empower people with information and make it easy to seamlessly work, play and communicate.

Trained and educated as a computer engineer in London, Jawad spent his early career as a hardware design engineer developing hardware and firmware for GEC Computers Ltd. in Great Britain, and as a UNIX development consultant for AT&T Bell Laboratories.

Jawad was appointed honorary professor by Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications in October 2003. He was nationally recognized with the sixth annual Walter Cronkite Faith & Freedom Award by the Interfaith Alliance Foundation. Jawad envisions an America that, with its rich tapestry of pluralism, incorporating all ethnicities and religions, inspires not only those just within its borders but all those who inhabit this troubled planet of ours.

Articles of Interest I have come across:

Muhammad PBUH - The man, the mission, the message






The I.M.A.M office of Dearborn MI was recently blessed to host Hajj Jawad Khaki the founder of the IMAN Islamic center in Krikland, Washington. Hajj Jawad was given a tour of the I.M.A.M and Ascent TV offices and also other centers and sites of Dearborn as well.




Hajj  Jawad discussed many issues with the staff of I.M.A.M, including the state of Shia in the USA, comunicating with others, and how the shia can develop in different fields. I.M.A.M. was able  to receive several wonderful suggestions and ideas from Hajj Jawad.



Some reference sites:

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Jawad khaki with SONGEA elders

My local community organization in Greater Seattle area











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