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Ali ibn abi Talib, Amir al-Mu'menin ( Peace be Upon him )

Name: Ali 
Title: al-Murtada 
Agnomen: Abu ' l-Hasan 
Father's name: Abu Talib ibn 'Abd al-Muttalib 
Mother's name: Fatimah bint Asad 
Birth: In the Holy Ka'bah in Mecca on Friday, 13th Rajab 23 BH 
Death: Died at the age of 63, in Kufah (Iraq) on Monday, 21st Ramadan 40 AH; murdered by an assassin who mortally wounded him with a poisoned sword in the mosque of Kufah during the morning prayer on 19th Ramadan; buried in an-Najaf al-Ashraf (Iraq)  Read on  


Imam Hassan (A)( Peace be Upon him )

Name: Imam Hassan (A) (Peace be upon him)

Birth: 15th Holy Month Of Ramadhan 5 AH

Title: Al-Mujtaba (the chosen one)

Death: 7th Safar 50 AH in Madina.  Read on


Al-Husayn ibn 'Ali Sayyidu'sh-Shuhada (Peace be Upon him)

Name: al-Husayn. 
Title: Sayyidu'sh-Shuhada'. 
Agnomen: Abu 'Abdillah. 
Father' s name: 'Ali Amir al-Mu'minin. 
Mother's name:Fatimah (Daughter of the Holy Prophet). 
Birth: In Medina on Thursday, 3rd Sha'ban 4 AH. 
Death: Martyred in Karbala' (Iraq) at the age of 57, on Friday, 10th Muharram 61 AH and buried there.  Read on


Ali  ibn al-Husayn Zainul-'Abidin ( Peace be Upon him )

Name: 'Ali. 
Title: Zaynu'l-'Abidln. 
Agnomen: Abu Muhammad. 
Father's name: al-Husayn Sayyidu 'sh-Shuhada'. 
Mother's name: Shahr Banu, daughter of Yazdeger III, the King of Persia. 
Birth: In Medina, on Saturday, 15th Jumada 'I-ula 36 AH. 
Death: Died at the age of 58, in Medina; poisoned by al-Walid ibn 'Abdi 'I-Malik ibn Marwan on 25th Muharram 95 AH; buried in Jannatu 'I-Baqi', in Medina.  Read on


Muhammad ibn 'Ali al-Baqir (Peace be Upon him)

Name: Muhammad. 
Title: al-Baqir. 
Agnomen: Abu Ja'far. 
Father's name: 'Ali Zaynu 'l-'Abidin. 
Mother's name: Fatimah bint al-Hasan, known as Umm Abdillah. 
Birth: In Medina, on Tuesday, 1st Rajab 57 AH. 
Death: Died at the age of 57, in Medina on Monday, 7th Dhi'l-hijjah 114 AH; poisoned by Hisham ibn 'Abdi 'l-Malik; buried in Jannatu 'l-Baqi ', in Medina.  Read on


Jaf'ar ibn Muhamad as-Sadiq

Name: Ja'far 
Title: as.-Sadiq. 
Agnomen: Abu 'Abdillah. 
Father's name: Muhammad al-Baqir. 
Mother's name: Umm Farwah. 
Birth: In Medina, on Monday, 17th Rabi'u 'I-awwal 83 AH. 
Death: Died at the age of 65, in Medina on Monday, 25th Shawwal 148 AH; poisoned by

al-Mansur ad-Dawaniqi, the 'Abbasid caliph.  Read on


Musa ibn ja'far al-Kazim ( Peace be Upon him )

Name: Musa 
Title: al-Kazim 
Agnomen: Abu Ibrahim 
Father's name: Ja'far as-Sadiq 
Mother's name: Hamidah al-Barbariyyah 
Birth: In Abwa' (between Mecca and Medina) on Sunday, 7th Safar 128 AH 
Death: Died at the age of 55, in Baghdad, on 25th Rajab 183 AH; poisoned by Harun ar-Rashid; buried in al-Kazimiyyah, Baghdad.  Read on



Ali Ibn Musa ar-Rida (Peace be Upon him)

Name: Ali 
Title: ar-Rida 
Agnomen: Abu 'l-Hasan 
Father's name: Musa al-Kazim 
Mother's name: Ummu 'l-Banin Najmah 
Birth: In Medina, on Thursday,11th Dhu 'I-qi'dah 148 AH 
Death: Died at the age of 55, in Mashhad (Khurasan), on Tuesday, 17th .Safar 203 AH; poisoned by al-Ma'mun, the 'Abbasid caliph; buried in Mashhad, Iran  Read on


Muhammad Ibn `Ali al-Jawad (at-Taqi) (Peace be Upon him)

Name: Muhammad 
Title: al-Jawad or at-Taqi 
Agnomen: Abu Ja`far 
Father's name: `Ali ar-Ride 
Mother's name: Sabikah (or khayzuran) 
Birth: In Medina, on Friday, 10th Rajab 195 AH" 
Death: Died at the age of 25 ,in al-kazimiyyah on Wednesday, 29th Dhi'l-qi`dah 220 AH, poisoned by Mu`tasim, the `Abbasid caliph; buried in al-kazimiyyah, Baghdad.  Read on


Ali Ibn Muhammad al-Hadi ( an-Naqi) (Peace be Upon him)

Name: Ali 
Title: al-Hadi or and - Naqi 
Agnomen: Abn'l-Hasan 
Father's name: Muhammad al-Jawed( at-Taqi) 
Mother's name: sumanah 
Birth: In Suryah ( in the environs of Medina) ' on Friday' 2nd Rajab' 212 AH 
Death: Died at the age of 42 ' in Samarra' , on Monday, 26th Jumada th-thaniyah 254 AH; poisoned by al-Mu'tazz, the ' Abbasid caliph; buried in Samarra' ; North of Baghdad ( Iraq)  Read on


Al-Hasan Ibn 'Ali al-'Askari (Peace be Upon him)     

Name: al-Hasan 
Title: al-'Askari 
Agnomen: Abu Muhammad 
Father's name: 'Ali- al - Hadi ( an- Naqi ) 
Mother's name: Hadithah (or Susan) 
Birth: In Medina, on Friday, 8th Rabi'u 'th-thani 232 AH. 
Death: Died at the age of 28, in Samarra', on Friday, 8th Rabl'u 'l-awwal 260 AH; poisoned by al-Mu'tamid, the Abbasid ruler; buried in Samarra' (Iraq)  Read on


Muhammad al-Mahdi (Peace be Upon him)

Name: Muhammad. 
Title: al-Mahdi, al-Qa'im, al-Hujjah, al-Gha'ib, Sahibu'z-Zaman, Sahibu 'l-Amr. 
Agnomen: Abu'l-Qasim. 
Father's name: al-Hasan al-'Askari. 
Mother's name: Nargis. 
Birth: In Samarra', on Friday, 15th Sha'ban 255 AH. Read on








Fasting on Muharram 10, known as the Day of Ashura expiates the sins of the past year.


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"Opppurtunity is something which is quick to vanish and late to return"


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"Imam Sadiq(a.s) said: "My most beloved brother is he who ( makes me aware of ) my faults."

Bihar Al Anvar, Vol.74, pgl282




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