Ya Rab,  How Great my desire to meet You.

How earnest my hope of Your reward.

O Most Gracious, Hope of all Hope, O Adored by all.

If I be unworthy of You, & my endavors nog deserving of devotion, Then gladly shall I confess to my infirmities, my sins.

For who could be more forgiving then Yourself?

But should you choose to chastise me, I will satisfy my self in the knowledge than no one could be more just than You.


Imam Ali (A): Difference brother and friend;  Brother is Like Gold and Friend is like Diamond. If Gold breaks it can be repaired but not Diamond.


A prayer for my friend in my life: Oh Allah, I dont know of all the challages this friend has, but YOU know everything, I hear their silence, YOU hear them plead, I see them tears, YOU see their tears, I see when they give, YOU see what has been taken from them, I see their appearance, YOU see their scars in the soul, I experience their faith, YOU know their doubts. I ask that YOU give this friend of mine everything they need and bless them for all time to come.  May ALLAH s.w.t bless you always!


"Dua" is a perfume to the soul. Its a sweet aroma that pleases ALLAH. May its fragrance be with you throughout this blessed day and through out your life.


When you get ill do not get nervous about it and try as much possible to be hopeful.  Imam Ali (A)


The example of those who take guaridians other than Allah is like

the example of a Spider; it tskes a house,

but surely the frailest of houses is the house of a Spider; if only they knew.

(29:41 of the Holy Quran)


The Fire Of Hell Will Not Touch The Person Who recites


Read Times After Fajar And Maghrib.

Please Forward It Will Be Sadka Jaaroa For YOU and ME


You Want and You Get That is Luck.

You Want and You Wait That Is Time

You Want But You Compromise That is Life.

And You Want, You Wait, You Compromiese And Still Don't Get

That Is Love.


Every Tear Is a Sign Of Commitment,

Every Silent Moment Is a Sign of Compromise,

Every Smile is a Sign Of Attachment.

And SMS Of Mine is Sign of Remembrance.


Trusting In GOD Won't Make the Mountain Smaller,

But Will Make Climbing Easier.

Do Not Ask HIM For a Lighter Load,

But Ask HIM For Stronger Back.


Smooth road never make good drivers,

Calm seas never makes sailors.

Clear skies never make a good pilots.

Problem free life never makes a strong person

Be strong enough to accept the challanges of life.

Don't ask life.. "Why me?"

Instead, say: "WITH ALLAH BY MY SIDE TRY ME!"..


Allah allows life to be rocky.

His challange is not to the Rocks grind YOU into dust,

but to polish YOU to brcome a brilliant gemstone.

Stay Precious!.



Someone is ...

kneeling to whisper your name in prayer,

knowing that you need to feel ALLAH'S love and tender care.


Man is influenced by the faith of his friends.

Therefore be careful of whom you associate with.

Look at your friends on your right and your left right now.

Do they remind you of a GOD or Shaytan.

Be careful Choose wisely!


People are often unreasonable and self centred - forgive them anyway.

If you are honest, people may cheat you - be honest anyway.

If you find happiness, people may be jealous - be happy anyway.

The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow - do good anyway.

Give the best you have and it may never be enough - give your best anyway.

In the end, it is between you and ALLAH.

It was never between You and Them anyway..


May ALLAH (swt) accept our Prayers and our Good Deeds,

and BLESS Us with success in DEEN and Duniya.










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