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"Surf in Peace and Safety. Allah is the Best Protector and HE is the Most Merciful."






As we know, it is in your youth period which you start to develop more sophisticated skills in distinguishing between the right and wrong, but this age period can also be the time which you end up doing the worst sin in your life. Choosing the right path is the most important decision.  - Brother Ibhrahim Rashid.


VIEW:  Mulla Ibhrahim Rashid Blog.. here    Consist posts , information with refrences about Ahlul Bayt (AS),  quran,  and many more contain ahadith about different subjects. Inshalla you’ll benefit from them.


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      H1N1 do's and don't  The World Health Organization has issued guidelines for the prevention of the spread of the H1N1 virus (swine flu), which it recently declared a Pandemic.  read more.... 


      H1N1 outbreak feared among Makkah pilgrims.  There are growing fears that a swine flu outbreak could sweep through Makkah as Umrah and the Haj bring millions of pilgrims from around the world.  read more.... 


      Having a curry once or twice a week could stave off Alzheimer's disease, it has been claimed.  read more.... 


      Chest Pain more dangerous in men. Compared to women, men experiencing chest pain are more vulnerable to developing heart disease and death from it, a new study finds. read more... 
      Alternative Medicine - Beetroot: Although modern medicine disregards the beetroot, it was considered to have distinct therapeutic effects and was broadly used many years ago. read more.... 
     Beetroot juice improves exercise tolerance.  Drinking the juice of beetroot, known for its controversial anti-carcinogenic properties, can boost stamina and help individuals exercise for longer times.  read more.... 
      Most US kids suffer from vitamin D deficiency.  Seven out of every 10 American children suffer from vitamin D deficiency, a condition that places them at an increased risk of bone and heart diseases. read more.... 
      H1N1 vaccine ready, but is India napping? While the first batch of swine flu vaccine goes to Britain and countries read more.... 
      Supplements high in should be considered as the first line in treating irritable syndrome, a new study finds. read more.... 
      WHO rejects homeopathy for serious disease. read more.... 
      Microsoft says e-mails are spam-dominated.  A Microsoft security report says over 97% of e-mails sent over the net are dominated by spam adverts and contain malicious attachments. read more.... 



     Jawad Khaki is the President and a founding Director of IMAN . Jawad, a native of (Songea) Tanzania, has been active comunity worker since age of 13

    read  more.... 



      70 pct price falls loom for UAE real estate  The Swiss banking giant UBS has downgraded the real estate sector in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Wall Street Journal read more....  
      John Joseph Estate Agent. If you have property to Let in London then call Mohamed Janmohamed Land line Tel: 020 8296 9366 Mobile: 07903 425 678






    World Federation Presidency


      Munawer Rattansy Current president of Council of European Jamaat candidate  for World Federation of KSIM  his profile read more....  
      Dr. Asgharali Gulamabbas KassamaliMoledina is a candidate for election as President of THE WORLD FEDERATION of KHOJA SHIAITHNA -ASHERI MUSLIM COMMUNITIES, read more....  
      DrAmir Lakha is a candidate for election as President of THE WORLD FEDERATION of KSIM Dr Amir Lakha was born in Mombasa, Kenya in 1949 and hails from the renowned family of Late Haji Gulamhusein Nasser Lakha, read more....  



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    "Opppurtunity is something which is quick to vanish and late to return"



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    "Imam Sadiq(a.s) said: "My most beloved brother is he who ( makes me aware of ) my faults."

    Bihar Al Anvar, Vol.74, pgl282







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